Drafting and Detailing

Myrex offers complete in-house drawing and detailing.  A key part of the Myrex company-wide goal of zero defects, our skilled and experienced draftsmen and detailers will follow your project throughout the fabrication process.


Detailing - The Myrex way

With over 20 years in the field as a Project Superintendent, I've never had a structure delivered as error free as Myrex delivered. Scheduled fabrication times were met and the quality of work produced was exceptional..."Marcus E. Ruiz, Skanska USA Building Inc. (read letter)

Myrex Industries detailers use 3D software to facilitate exacting dimesions and fitFrom the engineer's plans for the structure, we draw or 'detail' each piece to be fabricated. The engineer sizes the members, and we design the connections - connection material, number of bolts required for assembly, etc. These details will clearly show all necessary information for the Myrex shop personnel to fabricate each piece. From material grades and lengths to hole locations and sizes, connection material and weld requirements, field bolt lists, even the finish that is to be applied to the steel will be shown.

Each piece is assigned a shipping mark, and the shipping marks are shown on the erection plans for the steel erector's use. Pursuant to the Myrex company-wide goal of zero defects, these shop-fabricated pieces then ship to the job site where they all flawlessly fit together to form the finished structure with no shortages, misalignments, misfits or any other issues detrimental to the on-budget and on-time completion of the project as a whole.

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