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Client Solutions

Design Assist

In a day and age where projects move faster than ever there is a HUGE benefit to design assist relationships. As an expert on structural steel, Myrex can work side by side with the GC, design team, and Myrex engineers to find ways to expedite design, conduct constructability reviews, lower costs, and cut days off schedule.

Budget Assistance

Our team of estimators can provide accurate budgets and pricing from the earliest stages in the design process to a fully complete set of construction documents. From price per square foot prices, to a complete and detailed scope of work. Let us be of your assistance by sending any bid inquiries to sales@myrex.com


3D modeling has revolutionized the structural steel fabrication world, streamlined the coordination process, and guaranteed the fit-up of the steel on the job site 100% of the time. At Myrex we understand the importance of this that is why every project is detailed using either SDS 2 or TEKLA software. The electronic files produced from these are instrumental in getting working files for our state-of-the-art equipment to fabricate your steel.

BIM Coordination

BIM acts as a centralized data source to assure there are no issues between the designs of multiple trades from start to finish, the 3D model provided by our project management team works in conjunction to provide outstanding results. Every Myrex project manager is part of the BIM meetings to help with BIM clashes, update the models accordingly, and ultimately avoid any issues in the field. This is a critical process in construction today and is taken very seriously at Myrex.


Value Engineering goes hand in hand with design assist. Myrex Industries is staffed with structural and miscellaneous steel experts. As a team, we work through designs to find, analyze, and recommend ideas that can help lower costs and schedules. No one knows how the Myrex shop operates better than us, and we know how to maximize structural design to work in sync with our state-of-the-art equipment.

Drafting and Detailing

Myrex offers complete in-house drawing and detailing.  A key part of the Myrex company-wide goal of zero defects, our skilled and experienced draftsmen and detailers will follow your project throughout the fabrication process.

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