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To ensure structural integrity and provide safe, functional spaces, structural steel is an excellent choice for distribution centers. It is a strong and versatile material that can be used as the framework for your building and optimize the space. When used as a building material for a distribution center, steel supports heavy loads and withstands the demands of the industry. 

How Structural Steel Can be Used for Distribution Centers

Maximizing Space  – Structural steel plays a huge role in the efficiency of storage and movement of products in a distribution center. Mezzanine floors are often constructed from steel and are an example of how to use steel to optimize available flooring and space. Steel can also be used to construct racking systems and shelving to create more storage space that can withstand heavy loads such as shipping pallets. 

Framework – Steel is a durable material that can be used to construct the framework and support beams of your distribution center. Because of the strength of structural steel, this will provide the crucial support the building needs and withstand heavy loads. Steel is also ideal to use for walls and roofing systems as it can effectively protect against the elements. 

Benefits of Structural Steel for Distribution Centers

Customizable – Every business has its own space needs and the versatility of steels allows for these customizations and flexible design options. The layout and design of your distribution center can be configured to meet your business’s specifications and optimize workflow. 

Sustainability – Steel is a recycled material that can be reused many times without compromising the structural integrity. That means that your distribution center will be a strong structure while reducing the environmental impact and waste. 

Durability – Structural Steel is known for its strength and durability, making it the ideal choice for distribution centers. Because of steel’s strength-to-weight ratio, the designs can allow for large, open spaces that withstand heavy loads and extreme weather conditions. 

Fire Resistant – Steel is less susceptible to fire damage and can help contain fires. This makes it a great option for distribution centers since they often house expensive equipment and products. Using fire-resistant building materials also helps lower the risk of injury to employees. 

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