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Steel fabrication in renovation projects provides endless possibilities for customizations when renovating or expanding your commercial building. Steel is a strong, durable material that can help take your project to the next level. Whether you’re preserving the history of the building, creating a new aesthetic, or making room for a growing business, steel fabrication can help you achieve your goal. 

What is Steel Fabrication? 

Our team takes the raw steel materials and uses a variety of techniques to create elements for your structure and building. This could include cutting, bending, assembling, or welding the steel once the design has been approved. Fabricated steel components can range from simple structures like beams and columns to complex frameworks used in bridges, buildings, and other infrastructure projects. We have a 250,000 square foot facility used for steel fabrication and 27 acres of storage space located in Houston. Learn more about our facility and the equipment we use here. 

Uses for Steel Fabrication in Renovation Projects

Rethink the Space – Steel is an incredibly strong material that can be used as support columns and beams. If your current space feels enclosed, you can remove the load-bearing walls and replace them with steel beams to create an open-concept space. 

Add-Ons & Extensions – When building an add-on to your existing building, steel provides the structural reliability for the extension while allowing for the customization needed for a cohesive look and feel. When designed well, the transitions between the old and new structures can integrate seamlessly. 

Design Elements – Because steel is so versatile, there are many ways to add design elements into your projects and enhance the appearance and aesthetics of your building. Oftentimes these are beautifully designed elements that are still functional. Some great options to incorporate in renovation projects include staircases, grand entrances, visually appealing doors and windows, and railings. Check out our past projects here to see how we created architectural features that are both beautiful and functional. 

Improve Structural Stability – Reinforcing and adding on to current structures requires columns, beams, braces, and other structural elements to be constructed of a strong, durable material. Steel has a high strength to weight ratio, making it a great construction material for load-bearing support. This will improve the overall structural stability of the building. 

Because of its versatility and strength, steel fabrication in renovation projects is an ideal choice. By using steel in the build, you can enhance the structural reliability, create a cohesive design, and construct the space that best suits your needs. Contact us here to learn more about steel fabrication or our other services. 

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